Team Canada

Team Canada

Meet the 2017 Spartan Team Canada!

These Spartan ambassadors are chosen for their athleticism, determination, and dedication to the sport. The Team represents some of the best athletes in Canadian Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), and will be racing across the country and in the US as they prepare to represent Canada at the 2017 Reebok Spartan Race World Championship in Lake Tahoe, CA, on September 30, 2017.


Samuel Hebert

Home Province: Quebec

Age: 25

Samuel Hebert has the perfect combination of endurance, strength and agility and knows what it takes to race. He has used his mental toughness and passion to compete in 8 obstacles races in 2014. Although he endured an injury that set him back in 2015, he fought back to win two first place medals in the Sprint races in 2016. He continues to train harder with the goal in mind to reach the podium this race season.

Michelle Ford

Home Province: British Columbia

Age: 32

Michelle entered her first Spartan Race on a whim way back in 2012. Despite having no running or fitness experience at the time, she was immediately hooked and has stood on 15+ OCR podiums including winning the 2015 Tahoe World Championship Ultra Beast title. When she is not busy carrying heavy and awkward things up and down mountains, or hanging out at the local bouldering gym, she can be found working as a trainer/coach, organizing community events as co-founder of Fraser Street Run Club, or running wild through the mountains with her husband and two dogs.

Allison Tai

Home Province: British Columbia

Age: 34

At age 34, Allison has had to show more fight than most to become a Spartan Race Champion. Starting out as a competitive runner and triathlete, she only started competing in Spartan Races after 2006 when she was struck by a truck, causing nerve damage and soft tissue injuries. A broken back, pelvis and arm, left her in a body cast for 6 months. Allison showed incredible grit to overcome these injuries to go on and win first place overall in the Canadian Spartan Race Series in 2015 and the Spartan Ultra Beast World Championships in 2016. You can see her race again this season against Canada’s best.

Josh Stryde

Home Province: Alberta

Age: 31

Josh Stryde completed his first obstacle course race in 2012 at the Calgary Spartan Sprint. With a background in Martial Arts he immediately began to work on his running speed and endurance so he could become competitive in the sport. 3 years later he joined the Spartan Western Canadian Elite team with 4 podium finishes, and 8 podium finishes in 2016.He looks forward to racing this season with great friends and against new competitors. In his professional career, Josh has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years as a personal trainer and recently as the Regional Nutrition Director for World Health.

Charlotte Bernier

Home Province: Quebec

Age: 21

Charlotte is a full time chiropractic student and track-and-field team member at the University of Trois-Rivieres. Her love for obstacle course racing started from her love to mountain bike and to be in the great outdoors. She continues to work to manage both her student-athlete life with training while searching for her next sweet escape in the woods driving her westfalia.

Cynthia Campanaro

Home Province: Nova Scotia

Age: 44

Cynthia grew up in an active household and was inspired to become a runner by her parents’ participation in local road races. Over the past 25 years, she has competed in a variety of distances but truly found her passion in sport when she participated in her first OCR in 2012. The blend of full body strength and cardiovascular conditioning was a good fit for her and she has had tremendous success as an elite OCR athlete (over 20 podium finishes).  As a high school Phys. Ed department head,  she offers a weekly fitness program for the school’s staff. This year, she continues to challenge her body’s limits in this season’s Spartan Races.

Jen Fukumoto

Home Province: Manitoba

Age: 30

Jen is an expert at combining her upper body strength and mental toughness to compete. All of her 11 Obstacle Races have been within 4 months to a year of giving birth, proving she has what it takes to compete for a podium finish. She runs a gym with her husband that has an outdoor OCR course and is a labour and delivery nurse by trade. Her passion to train women before, during and after pregnancy shows her passion to empower others. This year she is excited for her best season yet.

Johnny Fukumoto

Home Province: Manitoba

Age: 33

Not only is Johnny Fukumoto a strong racer on his own, having 12 podium finishes in 27 Obstacle Course Races, he has also trained hundreds of people to compete at their best. From beginner to World qualifiers, he has trained over 500 people to race. Following closely in his footsteps, his 3 year old son will be competing in his first Spartan Junior Race this year. Keep an eye out for Johnny on the course this year – he is known for having never missed a spear throw!

Jesse Bruce

Home Province: Ontario

Age: 35

Jesse, has been racing Spartan Races for the past 4 years and includes victories in some of the most infamous Spartan Races in history. He discovered Spartan Race and instantly fell in love with the community as well as what Spartan Race stood for and how these obstacles and challenges represented real life challenges, that once we got to the finish line we were different, stronger people because of it. Jesse is coming up on 6 years clean and sober, he speaks to schools all over Ontario about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, mental illness, and coming together no matter what our backgrounds and differences, challenging ourselves to conquer every obstacle.



Mikhail Gerylo

Home Province: Manitoba

Age: 27

Mikhail Geryo feels like he has found a home in obstacle course racing. He is a Phys Ed. Teacher and coach professionally, and makes fitness a crucial part of his life. He is able to take this and push himself to train like an elite athlete.  Since doing so, he has put up impressive results, including a third-place finish at his first ever Spartan Race in Quebec. In September, Gerylo placed first in the Sun Peaks Spartan Ultra Beast Race. The Winnipegger also placed first in the Manitoba Spartan Sprint this past summer in Grunthal.


Tom Petryshen

Home Province: British Columbia

Age: 48

When it comes to obstacles, Tom has seen and tackled his fair share. Whether it was grappling opponents who outweighed him throughout his eleven year wrestling career or overcoming knee surgery one year out from the Olympic Games, Tom consistently shows what is possible when you combine the powers of passion and determination to conquer whatever obstacles are thrown his way. Watch him complete obstacles like an athlete half his age at the first ever Canadian Spartan Championships this season.

April Cockshutt

Home Province: Ontario

Age: 26

Since childhood April has been an outdoor enthusiast; dipping her toes into as many sports and adventures as possible. She believes being a well rounded athlete is the key to her OCR successes. Some of her favourite activities include; trail running, kayaking, ultimate frisbee, rock-climbing, cyclocross, and kiteboarding. She is constantly on the look out for new sports to add to her repertoire!

When April isn’t training she is found hiking with her two boxers, working as an Herbalist and planning outdoor activities with friends. 

Austin Azar

Home Province: Alberta

Age: 24

Austin has loved trail running, climbing, and lifting heavy stuff – so naturally obstacle course racing was the perfect sport for him.  Austin tried his first Spartan Race in 2013 (Edmonton Sprint), and  has been competing in events across North America ever since. Currently a full-time MSc student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta, and working in the Biomedical Instrumentation Lab, Austin will have time to participate in a variety of sports in his free time.  Austin’s goal is to push himself to become the best all-around athlete possible while helping push others to achieve their best as well!

Team Canada

What makes a person an athlete? Is it the hours of training, or it is the moment of victory? Is it an action, or is it an attitude? At Spartan Race, we believe that being an athlete means more than participating in a sport. It transcends teams, rankings, and body types. An athlete is a body in motion.

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