The Legend of OR is Back

By: Tony Matesi

It’s been almost a year since he last toed the line at a Reebok Spartan Race, the legend of Obstacle Racing (OR) himself, Hobie Call, has returned to the land of Spartan. You might be asking yourself, “Wait, I thought he retired?” He did. But only from competing in the sport of Obstacle Racing professionally, not from competing entirely. When we asked Hobie why the return to Spartan, his answer was quite simple, “I was invited.” Sometimes that’s all it takes is an invitation to get someone out on the course.


We asked the once undefeated Hobie what makes Reebok Spartan Race different from other Obstacle Races, and he replied matter of factly, “Spartan is more established and more reliable.” An answer that many racers around the globe could resonate with.

Hobie continued to explain that since he retired from competing professionally, “I feel like just a regular guy with a regular job now. My racing has to work around my work schedule now. Actually, I won’t lie. I feel like superman. Geek with glasses by day, with a superhero side job.” We couldn’t agree more with that statement, for a guy to come out to Breckenridge and destroy the course in such epic fashion you’d have to be some kind of superhero. Welcome back Hobie, it’s great to see you still doing what you love.

Oh, and when we asked if Hobie would be at the Spartan World Championship in Tahoe this October, well, you’ll just have to wait and see.