“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

You are what you eat. Though this is a simple concept for one to master, it’s a difficult ideal to execute in our busy lives. As Spartans, we find it best to simplify. Just like physical fitness, nutritional fitness is something you develop through research and practice.

Here’s what we think in general about nutrition and the foods we eat:

Diets should be properly pH balanced, limited to few fluids beyond water, be primarily plant based and utilize proper food combining techniques as often as possible. Diets should focus on the seasonality, sustainability, availability, and affordability of foods, while considering their nutrient density, taste and environmental impact.

What all our recipes have in common is the love of whole food ingredients. Eat what nature made for you, and don’t process food too much. Our catalog of recipes comes from purposefully chosen ingredients and is written to be clear, simple, easy to remember, and quick to perform.