This extreme event began in Hurricane Irene in 2011, when weather was so brutal all races were shut down. Spartan put out a call: all those hard enough to face the storm, show up on race day. Most didn’t, a few did; and the Hurricane Heat was born.

Hurricane Heat is a mainly team-based event designed to take your mental and physical capabilities to new limits. Expect gruelling physical tasks, problem solving, leadership challenges, as well as solo performance tests under extreme conditions.

What You’ll

Personal evolution is the goal of Hurricane Heat. There are no medals here. However, those strong enough to finish a Hurricane Heat will take home some highly sought after swag. The shirt says you’re one in a select club of Spartans worldwide.

Spartan Hurricane Heat finisher t-shirt

Spartan Hurricane Heat Wedge

Spartan Hurricane Heat Dog Tag or Wristband

Spartan Hurricane Heat Pinney

Check your individual race day guide for
exact details for your event.

Featured Missions
Land Navigation
Ruck Drag
Tire Move
Candles Under Wire
Litter Evacuation
+ Many More
The Challenge

Each Hurricane Heat is entirely unpredictable, so ensuring your all-round functional fitness is as good as it can be by event day is key to a successful and enjoyable event. Distance running and marches with a weighted pack are excellent prep, as is bodyweight loaded workouts featuring squats, pushups, dips, burpees, and jumping jacks. Check out the plans for more.

Every Hurricane Heat has a standard gear list, along with custom items which change for every event. The event leaders will share the custom list with all registered students prior to each event. Some items will be for your safety, others will be for specific use during the event, and they may appear strange or confusing at first! Check out the standard list here.


Hell no. The average company doesn’t have the vision to put their employees through an event this hardcore, and if they did, most would cry like babies and quit. The Hurricane Heat involves tests of teamwork, and challenges people of all leadership experience levels to step up, but this is no fuzzy corporate team-bonding exercise.

You’ll definitely carry heavy stuff in Hurricane Heats, but that just the start of it. Unlike ruck events and in typical Spartan style, Hurricane Heat involves a huge range of physical challenges and few of them involve walking around aimlessly with heavy shxx for no reason. Hurricane Heat event leaders (known as Krypteia) are also highly qualified in their respective fields when compared to many ruck-style events, see the rest of the FAQ for more info.

Pronounced “crip-tee-ah” from the Greek “κρυπτεία”, Krypteia are Spartan HQ certified Hurricane Heat event leaders. Krypteia are the only personnel permitted to lead Hurricane Heat events globally. You’ll meet a whole range of incredible people who have been hand picked for their prior professional experience and personal qualities, with a strong focus on special forces and military personnel, paramilitary police, first responders, medics and ER doctors, survival and outdoor experts, extreme sports athletes, and leadership experts. You’ll have an awesome time meeting and learning from these people. They are not here to scream at you and play boot camp, rather their job is to be your personal high-performance coaches.

Yes, and we encourage it. You’ll be able to push each other and reflect on the wins and losses afterwards. The Spartan community spans across 50 countries, and when you see someone in the street wearing something Spartan you’ll either nod to each other, or start a conversation. It’s a global movement that you can be proud to be a part of.

First of all, give up on your self-doubt. It’s easy and “average” to be negative about yourself. If you’re in good enough health to do exercise, you’re ready to try Hurricane Heat. There’s never a perfect time for anything, so sign up and challenge yourself. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and you’ll likely walk away with some life changing experiences.

Hurricane Heats have their own wedges, similar to the way Sprint, Super and Beast events do. 4 Hour, 12 Hour, and 24 Hour wedges snap together magnetically to make a unique medal that can be proudly displayed. Hurricane Heat Trifecta is part of a much wider-world of Spartan achievements beyond the standard Trifecta, a holy grail called the Spartan Delta. Read more about the Delta here.