Bucket Brigade

Mandatory to complete route.


Bucket Brigade is designed to wear down your whole body. Fill the bucket with rocks and trek the prescribed route. A grueling task with a special stipulation; don’t come back with all the gravel in your bucket? No burpees for you. Run the obstacle again.

Racer Instructions:

  • Fill the bucket with gravel from the “bin” to a point above the line of holes in the bucket
  • Carry the bucket along the prescribed route.
  • Return filled so that all holes are covered with gravel.
  • Empty bucket back into the bin upon completion of the bucket obstacle route.
  • Return Stone to Starting flag

Failure Modes:

  • Failure to return the line with a full bucket.
  • Carrying bucket on shoulders, neck or head.
  • Failure to empty the bucket into the bin.

Failure Penalty:

  • Repeat Obstacle