Elite & Age Group Awards

All Spartan Race Canada race weekends will be host to at least one (1) elite heat per gender per weekend.
Some race weekends will host multiple elite heats in different distances – Sprint, Super, and / or Beast. There
will never be two elite heats of the same distance eligible for prize money on the same race weekend. Prizing
for each elite heat (one per weekend, per distance) will be a Spartan Race custom wooden plaque as well as
cash and / or merchandise prizing outlined below.

Prize money for elite heats is prorated based on entries:

1st Male C$ 8,000
2nd Male C$ 4,000
3rd Male C$ 2,500
4th Male C$ 1,000
5th Male C$ 800
6th Male C$ 600
7th Male C$ 400
8th Male C$ 300
9th Male C$ 200
10th Male C$ 100

1st Female C$ 8,000
2nd Female C$ 4,000
3rd Female C$ 2,500
4th Female C$ 1,000
5th Female C$ 800
6th Female C$ 600
7th Female C$ 400
8th Female C$ 300
9th Female C$ 200
10th Female C$ 100

3 CAN series race elite heats will payout:

1st Male C$ 3,000
2nd Male C$ 1,500
3rd Male C$ 800
4th Male C$ 700
5th Male C$ 600
6th Male C$ 500
7th Male C$ 400
8th Male C$ 300
9th Male C$ 200
10th Male C$ 100

Regular season race – elite heat:

1st Male C$ 500
2nd Male C$ 200
3rd Male C$ 100

1st Female C$ 500
2nd Female C$ 200
3rd Female C$ 100

Age Group Podium Recognition

Age group athletes will be recognized on the podium at all 2020 Spartan Races.

Age Group World Qualifying Races
The following races count as qualifiers for Worlds: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Note: All athletes are required to wear their Spartan Race Finishers t-shirt on the podium. If an elite athlete
is wearing any competitive OCR clothing/caps then they forfeit their prize money.

Kids Race Podium Recognition

Prizing will be given to the top three of each gender of the KIDS race elite heats at 9am on KIDS Race Days.