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Classic trail running, no obstacles, many distances. Each race takes place on beautiful, rugged trails around the world. Spartan also hosts the Spartan Trail World Championship series, with some of trail running’s most iconic events and athletes.

Spartan brings trail running to more people, with races as short as 10K, to trail Half Marathons, 50K and 100K, and even 100 milers. Experience big name races such as Kodiak, Fjällmaraton, Patagonia Run, Transgrancanaria, and Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

What You’ll

Everyone gets finisher swag. The top 3 overall male and female finishers at regular season events get cash prizes, and the top 3 Age Group finishers in every heat get plaques and awards. Championships offer some of the richest prize money anywhere.

Spartan Trail finisher t-shirt

Spartan Trail finisher medal and lanyard

Unique swag at all championship events

Check your individual race day guide for
exact details for your event.

Trail World
The Spartan Trail World Championship is an all-new series of Trail events across the globe. Each Championship will host Trail events (< 49K) and Trail Ultra Championship (50K+) events.
The Challenge

Running often is a good start! Once you know your race distance, training should be geared toward that, including your personal goals; are you after completion, a set time, or a podium spot? There’s significant variation between training for a 10K, half marathon, 50K and 100K or more. All are different, yet equally worthy. See these training plans for more details.

Like training, your gear needs will vary depending on how far you’re running. Short distance races require little more than your apparel, maybe a light jacket if it’s cold. Once you get into the ultra-distance category (50K up) you’ll need more - 100K and 100 milers require the most gear and nutrition planning, and in many cases, a crew and a pacer as well


Spartan has gathered some of the best-in-class trail race directors and athletes to mastermind what goes into every event. The Spartan Trail concept is about finding the right balance between well-resourced, professional trail events that elevate the sport and your overall experience, and providing an equally intimate, community spirited race - the things that make smaller trail races so fun.

No. This is traditional trail running. Sometimes you might end with a fire jump, but this is celebratory and not any different to jumping over a small fallen tree. You can also circle around it.

No. Spartan has its roots in trail running, and the trail division at Spartan is run by highly experienced and dedicated trail runners. While Spartan is one of the biggest endurance race companies, putting on incredible events is the goal - as is bringing the magic of trail running to more people globally, adding to trail running what’s been missing for years, while keeping all the things that make trail running great. All that said, we don’t put on races from the back of a van.

There are both regular Spartan Trail races held around the world and of various distances, as well as big time champs races with a pedigree (eg. Patagonia Run, Fjällmaraton, Lavaredo). All races feature prize money and awards for top runners, as well as cool swag. There’s a friendly, community atmosphere at all Spartan Trail events, and you’re likely to meet some great folks. Spartan Trail Championship events will usually feature a larger and tougher field, course, and more cash up for grabs.

Yes, and we encourage it. You’ll be able to push each other and reflect on the wins and losses afterwards. The Spartan community spans across 50 countries, and when you see someone in the street wearing something Spartan you’ll either nod to each other, or start a conversation. Spartan is bringing trail runners of all cultures and creeds together. It’s a global movement you can be proud to be a part of.

First of all, give up on your self-doubt. It’s easy and “average” to be negative about yourself. If you’re in good enough health to do exercise, you’re ready to explore a Spartan trail. There’s never a perfect time for anything, so sign up and challenge yourself. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and you’ll likely walk away with some life changing experiences.

No - you’ll need to complete a Spartan OCR event for that. If you’re a seasoned Trail runner interested in obstacle course racing, we recommend you check out the Spartan Sprint as a starting point. Click here to learn more.