With foundations in traditional ultrarunning, the Spartan Ultra merges the sport of obstacle course racing along with 50K courses and 60 obstacles to create a truly unique and brutal challenge. This is a serious ultra-distance athletic challenge.

The Ultra almost always features formidable elevation gain, darkness, extreme weather, and unexpected challenges. Ultra events are a great place to meet equally crazy people. Each year, a 24hr Ultra World Championship sorts out the world’s best.

What You’ll

Swag for the Ultra is collectible and coveted worldwide. Every finisher receives a belt buckle custom made for the race, and an Ultra wedge that can form a special Trifecta. The Ultra finisher t-shirt is one that only a select few get to wear.

Spartan Ultra finisher t-shirt and medal

Spartan Ultra wedge, and lanyard

Ultra pinney

Professional photography

Check your individual race day guide for
exact details for your event.

Featured Obstacles
Stairway To Sparta
The Box
Farmer’s Carry
Vertical Cargo Plus
Sandbag Carry
+ 55 More
The Challenge

It may seem impossible at first, but if you made it this far down the page, with your determination and the right prep you can probably finish an Ultra. For starters, check out Spartan’s curated training plans for Ultra newbies. Once you’ve completed a few Ultras successfully, like any other sport your focus should switch to improving upon your previous efforts.

Gear needs vary with terrain, weather, and if you’re in the mountains. Regardless, you’ll need more gear for the Ultra given the sheer distance. Most Ultra racers rely on a halfway-point drop bin. Consider waterproof layers, spare footwear and socks, sun protection, a hydration pack or vest, nutrition, a headlamp, a small medical kit, and other long haul items.

2021 Ultra World Championship

The groundbreaking 24-hour race comes to the US Rocky Mountains for the first time ever.


You and the rest of us - before we realized this is a great thing. There are many traditional ultrarunners that take part in Spartan Ultras, including some of the world’s biggest names. Almost all of them return to compete regularly, some at the world championship level, because ultra running with obstacles is such an exciting challenge. Give it a go, it’s only 50K...

You’re going to attack 60 obstacles on top of running a hell of a long way, which for even the average Spartan Ultra fan is a big physical and mental ask. Getting your nutrition, hydration, and pacing strategically on point is another huge challenge; compared to a regular ultramarathon, you’re going to be regularly relying on upper body strength and endurance as well as running and fast-walking. Weather conditions can also change drastically over the course of these races, and in some locations you’ll see night, day, sun, rain, hail, and even snow. Finally - perhaps the biggest challenge of all - is being comfortable being with your own thoughts for hours on end, while your body begs for you to give up. That’s what being a Spartan is all about.

Definitely. Invite your friends along to race with you, or sign up as a team - but if you’re solo that’s fine too. The Spartan community spans across 50 countries, and when you see someone in the street wearing something Spartan you’ll either nod to each other, or start a conversation. It’s a global movement that you can be proud to be a part of.

Believe us when we say we’ve heard it all before. The biggest challenge you face isn’t what you think it is - it’s getting to the start line. From that point on, your mind and body will get you through the challenge and you’ll be better off for it. 90% of people end up loving the experience, and the majority of folks return time and again. Many make racing Spartan a lifelong commitment, like triathlon, marathon, cycling and other endurance sports.

The Ultra is a demanding event. If you’re new to Spartan, you might want to try one of the other race types first before tackling this demon. That said, you don’t have to run the whole way, and failing obstacles isn’t a crime. There’s never a perfect time for anything, so get out there and challenge yourself. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and you’ll likely become addicted to this incredible sport.

The standard Spartan Trifecta is earned when anyone finishes a Sprint, Super, and Beast and collects the wedges for all three, which fit magnetically together to form a medal. The Beast wedge can also be swapped with an Ultra one, and the Sprint wedge with a Stadion one, creating rarer forms of Trifecta. Many Spartans commit to chase multiple Trifectas in a year. Click here for more information.