Crush two bodyweight workouts faster than any other Spartan for a chance at $700 in prizes. Are you ready to take on Spartan Open?


Spartan Open is an online challenge that will test your limits in real life.

Your mission: two speed workouts that will test you physically and mentally without lifting a single weight. First, sign up before February 24th. Second, film yourself completing workout one (or have an SGX coach vouch for you). Third, send it to us. Do this, and you’ll earn the Spartan Open Virtual Challenge Dog Tag.

The top 50 men and women make it to phase two, where the workout gets tougher and the stakes get higher.

March 3, phase two starts. We’ll send the workout. You complete it as fast as possible. Same rules apply. The top three men and women earn huge prizes, including an Age Group Season Pass and $325 CAD of Power Systems gear.



Register for the challenge

Click below to register for the challenge from January 20 to February 24.


Workout 1

Receive the workout via email to begin the challenge starting on February 1 Submit the workout by February 25 at 11:59 PM EST.


Workout 2

Top 100 (50 male and 50 female athletes) are determined and sent their next workout on March 1. Submit the workout by March 15 at 11:59 PM EST.


Winners announced

Top 3 male and female winners will receive prizes


The Spartan Open challenge has officially begun. Your mission: complete the bodyweight workout below:

4 rounds of:

30 Alternating Lunges

15 Plank Up-Downs

15 Squat Thrusts

30 Alternating Crab Toe Touches

Sign up, crush this workout as fast as you can and send us your time in the form sent to you by email. To qualify for the Top 100, you must submit your workout by 2/25 at 11:59 PM EST.

As a reminder, you can submit your workout in one of two ways:

- Submit a YouTube link to a video of you performing the workout.

- Perform the workout with an SGX coach, and submit their SGX Coach ID along with your time. Spartan will verify workout completion with your coach.



Want to submit your Spartan Open entry without a video? Then team up with one of Spartan’s incredible SGX-certified coaches. Spartan Open accepts competitive entries of workout times verified by an SGX coach.

Your local SGX coach is your greatest Spartan resource. There are hundreds of incredible SGX coaches around the world, and they are all ready to help you through Spartan Open and beyond. SGX coaches are fully certified as instructors by Spartan, and are fully committed to transforming your life.

Don’t have an SGX coach in your area? Then become a certified coach yourself.


First place male and female winners will receive:

The second place male and female winners will receive:

The third place male and female winners will receive:


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Offer valid for one entry into the challenge and a Spartan Dog Tag. Entry does not include processing fees. Must register for the challenge by 24 Feb, 2020 11:59 ET. Participant times must be submitted by 25 Feb 2020 11:59 PM ET in order to qualify for the next round. To be entered into the next round all times must be “certified” by either submitting a YouTube video OR completing the workout in front of an SGX coach (submitting their name and ID number) in order to be considered for the top 3 male and female prizes.